After School Reading


Future Stars & the PTO have teamed up to offer affordable (or even free) small group reading tutoring/supplementing by L-T teachers after school. All students in K-5th grade are eligible to sign up! They will be placed in small groups of 3-6 students based primarily on reading level for $15/hour. The first session of the program will run on the same schedule as Session 1 of Future Stars.

If you are interested in your child participating, please fill out this form regarding your child’s availability & needs by Wednesday September 6.

Future Stars’ L-T Program Director, Ms. Mahni, will place your child into an appropriate reading group and assign your group a teacher. She will then send you a link to sign up for tutoring via the Future Stars’ registration platform.


  • Who can sign up? Any student in grades K-5th whether behind grade level, on grade level or ahead of grade level.

  • How will these reading groups will be created? All reading groups will be assigned primarily based on reading level, but grade level, individualized student needs & student/teacher availability will also be taken into account. Most reading groups will have 4-5 students, but groups may be from 3-6 students depending on teacher recommendations & student needs.
  • When will these groups meet? After school from 3:45-4:45 pm on Monday-Thursday. We will also have limited availability from 4:45-5:45 on some days. Please indicate as many 1-hour time blocks of availability as possible on the form, so that Ms. Mahni can create the most needs-tailored groups possible & accommodate as many students as possible. Students will be transferred from school to tutoring to aftercare/enrichments/TFS clubzone (or in the other direction) as needed.

  • What if $15/hour is cost-prohibitive? We want everyone to be able to participate in this program, particularly if they are currently reading behind grade level.

    If your student receives a scholarship from Rising Stars Aftercare or Future Stars Enrichment Program, received free lunch at school last year, or receives TANF benefits, their participation in the program will automatically be entirely free of charge.

    If $15 would represent a significant burden to your family and your child is currently behind grade level in reading, they can participate in the program entirely free of charge.

If we haven’t covered your situation above and you would like a fee waiver or reduction, please let us know on the request form. We will attempt to accommodate as many requests as we can!

  • Is anyone making a profit off of this? No. The PTO will guarantee that all teachers are paid as agreed for their participation in the program irrespective of their particular students’ ability to pay. The PTO has set a chunk of its budget aside to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to participate in this program. Future Stars Enrichment Program is not taking any cut of the fees that students pay to participate in the program and is waiving all of its fees (except for the credit card fee charged by its registration platform).


  • What if I decide I want to participate after September 6th? You probably can! BUT it will depend on whether teachers have additional capacity to take on students & whether the PTO has sufficient funds available. Fill out the form & Ms. Mahni will reach out to you.


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June 2024